About Us
We are a small kennel on 5 acres in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. I got my first Golden 42 years ago and haven't looked back since. When I met my husband I'm not sure he knew what he was getting in to, but fortunately he loves the dogs as much as I do. I started out competing in obedience and continue to train in that, but to a lesser extent. I soon got the conformation bug and went in search of my first show dog. I was lucky enough to have Debbie Berry, Sunshine Goldens, take me under her wing and get me headed in the right direction. After a few years I bred my first litter and have loved it ever since. I breed selectively thru the year, so it's best to call, or email me to see when I'm planning a breeding. Dogs I've bred are active in many different venues including, conformation, obedience, hunting, therapy, crisis intervention, and of course most importantly, being their human's best friend. I have enjoyed the journey the sport of dogs has taken me on and all the great friends I've made because of it.



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